Multi-Level Modelling

Uncertainty in xG. Part 2: Partial Pooling

TLDR This is part 2 of an article on fitting a Bayesian partial pooling model to predict expected goals. It has the benefits of (a) quantifying aleatory and epistemic uncertainty, and (b) making both group-level (player-specific) and population-level (team-specific) probabilistic predictions.

Uncertainty in xG. Part 1: Overview

TLDR The Expected Goals (xG) metric is now widely recognised as numerical measure of the quality of a goal scoring opportunity in a football (soccer) match. In this article we consider how to deal with uncertainty in predicting xG, and how each players individual abilities can be accounted for.

Bayesian Multi-Level Modelling for Improved Prediction of Corrosion Growth Rate

Partial pooling of inspection information from multiple locations to improve probabilistic estimates of corrosion growth rate.